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The Risk Network

Building Stronger Companies and a Stronger Nation 

A secure platform for pre-vetted Risk, Info-sec, Compliance & Audit Leaders to exchange views and run cross-company, sector and national level projects.

Community Directory

Vetted members are able to view names, email details and designation of other members. If a member wishes to share their phone number with the network, then they have an option to do so. 

Incident Alerts

Member firms are able to alert other community members on recent incidents. Channels are available to subscribe for Fraud alerts, Info-sec threat alert, Insolvency credit alerts and others.

Risk  & Impact Polling

Members can share key risks for their sector as well as national or global ones with other members and request a community poll for impact and likelihood. The Sector, National & Global Risk Registers would be published for members to view online and to download.

Roundtable Discussions

Sector and National Level Roundtables & conferences helps create a strong community and professional network. These are primarily in-person attendance with the optional ability to join in remotely.


Anonymous Benchmarking can be requested by a member firm on their desired parameters with other firms in the community. Community firms can choose to participate and receive the final report.

Resource Pooling

The network manager will facilitate and coordinate resource pooling by companies for projects that benefit the entire sector and/ or multiple sectors.

Interested in Joining?

Please provide us your professional details for vetting. As of now, membership is open to Risk Hawk customers only, but we are open to reviewing other genuine requests to join the network.

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