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Identify Risks & Opportunities Across the Business and Agree Risk Appetite, Actions and KRIs  

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Risk Hawk ERM: Empowering Your Organization's Risk Management Efforts

Welcome to Risk Hawk ERM, the cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your organization's risk management practices. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Risk Hawk ERM offers a comprehensive suite of tools to identify, assess, monitor, and mitigate risks effectively. Let's delve into the key features that make Risk Hawk ERM a game-changer for your business.

Risk Identification and Assessment: Risk Hawk ERM enables you to identify and evaluate risks across your organization systematically. With customizable risk categories and assessment criteria, you can align the risk management process with your unique business objectives. By comprehensively analyzing risks, you gain a clear understanding of their potential impact, allowing you to prioritize and allocate resources efficiently.


📊 Risk Monitoring and Control: Risk Hawk ERM provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring that risks are continuously tracked and evaluated. The platform offers configurable risk indicators, allowing you to set thresholds and receive automated alerts when risks exceed predefined levels. This proactive approach empowers you to take timely actions and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.


📈 Key Risk Indicators (KRI) Tracking: Risk Hawk ERM includes a robust Key Risk Indicators (KRI) module, allowing you to define and track critical metrics that provide early warning signs of potential risks. By monitoring KRIs in real-time, you gain insights into emerging risks and can take proactive measures to mitigate them before they escalate. This feature enhances your risk intelligence and supports data-driven decision-making.


📅 Risk Mitigation Planning and Execution: With Risk Hawk ERM, developing risk mitigation plans becomes a streamlined process. The platform enables you to create action plans, assign responsibilities, and track progress effortlessly. By aligning mitigation efforts with identified risks and KRIs, you ensure that your organization is well-prepared to address potential threats and seize opportunities.

🔍 Incident Management: Risk Hawk ERM includes an incident management module, enabling you to capture, track, and analyze incidents throughout their lifecycle. By centralizing incident data, you gain insights into patterns and trends, allowing you to proactively identify areas of improvement and take corrective actions promptly. This holistic view of incidents enhances your risk mitigation strategies.

📈 Dashboards and Analytics: Risk Hawk ERM offers powerful dashboards and analytics that provide actionable insights into your organization's risk landscape. Visual representations of data allow you to identify emerging risks, track risk mitigation progress, monitor KRIs effectively, and make informed decisions. These tools empower you to align your risk management strategies with your organizational goals and drive sustainable growth.

💼 Why Choose Risk Hawk ERM?

✅ Comprehensive risk identification and assessment

✅ Real-time risk monitoring, control, and KRI tracking

✅ Streamlined risk mitigation planning and execution

✅ Incident management for capturing and analyzing incidents

✅ Actionable insights through intuitive dashboards and analytics

👉 Embrace Risk Hawk ERM and empower your organization to proactively manage risks, monitor KRIs, seize opportunities, and enhance overall business resilience.

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The above picture shows how a simple workflow can be configured at company level or department level to facilitate Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA). Risk Hawk allows a single control to be used to mitigate multiple risks, so if an incident is reported against the control, then all impacted risk owners are notified and risks-incident trends also updated.


Risk Hawk also allows different frequencies of evaluation for different risks - both for inherent risk evaluations as well as for residual risk evaluations. This helps your business to focus your time on mitigation of fast evolving risk while ensuring that the slow moving risks are not forgotten and are still regularly reviewed.

If you wish to learn more about Risk HAWC's risk management capabilities, drop us an email to schedule a demo.

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