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incident Management

Helps Create an Open and Learning Environment by tracking incidents from logging to closure, including root cause analysis, identifying control failures and risk linkages

Risk Hawc provides a full fledged Incident and Event management system, where in workflows can be setup to handle different types of incidents, including complaints, both at department level as well as company level. PDF Incident reports can be pulled at any time to be send to senior management showing progress and history of incident resolution as well as root cause analysis being done. Drill Down Dashboards are also available for senior managers to review trends and open actions.

Action plan templates could be pre-defined for different types of incidents - as soon as an incident is logged, it would initiate an action plan. Very useful for complaints and crisis management where a incident logging can create response related tasks automatically for team members. Bespoke one-off actions to manage the incident can also be created and managed through the system.

Risk Hawk's advanced linking technology allows linking of incidents to controls that have failed and automatic link propagation to those risks that are mitigated by those controls. Risk Hawk incident management process also facilitates identification and logging of risks that have been missed or those that have been incorrectly rated.

risk hawc incident management.PNG

The above picture shows how a simple workflow can be configured at company level or department level to facilitate Incident Management. If you wish to learn more about Risk Hawk's incident management capabilities, drop us an email to schedule a demo.

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