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Tracks Policy & Procedures Approval, Distribution, Regular Maintenance and Reading. Optionally, test staff's knowledge, link policies to controls and risks

Risk Hawk's Document Management enables documents to be made available to the right audience and then provides evidence to Management that these have been read and understood by users.

Document Management usage enables regulated businesses to provide evidence to their regulators that they have full control on their documents approval process and that all employees understand the policies and procedures needed for their job.

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Features of Document Management

customisable user group.png

user groups

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exposure level

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user groups

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Lock documents
for modifications

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document types

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& inbox

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approval hierarchy

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You can define unlimited document types, such as HR policies, Operational Procedures, etc and then assign approval hierarchy for each type of document. Once the document is approved by all levels of approvers then it is published to the designated audience - entire company, certain individuals or groups/ departments. If approvers are not being done on time, the system allows for escalations to be defined.

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The system automatically creates a reading list for new recruits and for users changing departments/ getting promoted and reminds them of documents that need to be read by them.


It also automates manual tasks of alerting users of newly published documents and reminding them of unread documents thereby freeing up time for compliance team to focus on other value added activities. The audience can be split into mandatory reading, who are continuously chased to read the document, and optional reading - who read the document at their choice. You can also prescribe tests (additional license for this feature is needed) that allows your colleagues to pass a test and receive a certificate from the system to demonstrate their knowledge of the policy or procedure.

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Policies and Procedures need to be reviewed at regular intervals to check for relevance and identify changes. Document Management allows you to setup review intervals and if at a review point the document is identified as needing changes then a workflow allows a new version to be created, approved and published. The previous version is automatically made obsolete when the new version is released.

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Approvals and reading risks are shown on Risk Haw workbench as well on the document management section. Policies and procedures can be linked to risks and controls with risk and control owners being alerted when new versions are released.

Optionally, users can be prevented from downloading documents and could be made to read them on their screens. This prevents older versions being retained and circulated.

risk HAWC Policy Management.png

Risk Hawk also provides drill-down dashboards for senior manager and admins to show the status of documents and those pending reading and approvals.

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If this is something you are interested in finding out more about, then just drop us an email.

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