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Internal audit 360

“Innovative Solutions for Your Audit Needs/Transform the Way You Conduct Audits”

Risk Hawk Internal audit 360 refers to the processes, procedures, and techniques used by an organization to plan, execute, and report on internal audits. An internal audit is an independent and objective evaluation of an organization's operations, processes, and controls to determine whether they are operating effectively and efficiently and are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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The Risk Hawk Internal Audit 360 module has been designed with the objective of assisting organizations in executing internal audits proficiently.


Aims to offer direction and assistance to internal auditors in conducting their responsibilities with efficiency and effectiveness.


Internal auditing is a crucial undertaking that facilitates organizations in accomplishing their objectives by evaluating and enhancing their governance, risk management, and internal control procedures.


Risk Hawk is designed to help organizations establish and maintain an effective internal audit function. It provides guidance on the development of an internal audit charter, risk-based audit planning, audit execution, and reporting.

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