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Credit Transaction Approval

Flexy helps mid-tier asset finance company manage credit limits for staff and approve credit transactions.

A mid-tier mid-tier asset finance firm's credit team wanted to give varying credit approval limits for different staff members based on seniority and experience. They were then allowed to approve credit transactions based on their limits but in a workflow manner that needed multiple approvals for certain transactions. Transaction approvals were managed over emails with audit trails and log keeping becoming a major issue.

"Knowing who was approving which transactions and tracking audit history was become a challenge"

Flexy to the Rescue!

Flexy workflows were implemented so that the transaction would be approved as soon as all relevant stakeholders had approved it. Workflows were based on department, type of transaction and value of transaction. Data was entered manually into Flexy as well as over API and batch uploads from transaction systems. Hence, all transactions irrelevant of source were approved in a consistent manner with logs and audit trail available at the click of button. Dashboards were also available to track trends on approvals and rejections.


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