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IT Asset Management

A large financial services firm uses Flexy to manage IT assets right from acquisition to disposal.

This financial services company was struggling to track all its IT assets across several locations as well as track usage of software licenses across its IT estate. It was also unsure of the cyber security exposure that it was having along with value of assets on its books.

"It has become a full time job for many people to track the assets' journey across the years and to keep them safe"

Flexy to the Rescue!

Flexy workflows were implemented for self-service asset requests and for management to approve these. These were then linked into separate Flexy workflows for asset acquisition flexy managed by purchasing department, asset inventory management Flexy, software installation and licensing Flexy, and secure asset disposals Flexy managed by the IT department.

IT department can now track asset movement easily including when employees join and leave the company. They also classify assets based on their threat and vulnerabilities and put in controls using Risk HAWC's Control management to effectively mitigate these. End-of-life assets are tracked to ensure secure and environmental friendly disposals. Software licenses are tracked and at end-of-life these are then transferred to new assets being procured.


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