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Maintain a secure digital database containing UPSI in the Risk Hawk tool!


SEBI amended insider trading norms wherein listed entities were required to maintain a digital database containing the nature of Unpublished Price-Sensitive Information (UPSI), the names of the persons who have shared the information, automation of the process of filing disclosures to stock exchanges, and restrictions on trading windows.

For our client, a listed pharma company, there was no possible way to comply with SEBI regulations without a tool that could systemize the entire process. Since everything had to be done in a secured and centralized system with zero chance of any information getting leaked or modified, the firm required a system that they could trust with strict security measures in place.

Risk Hawk solves their problem within couple of days

  • The entire procedure was carried out through the Flexy module of the Risk Hawk tool, where information related to UPSI could be shared easily without running the risk of it being leaked.

  • Strict security measures, including data encryption, ensured that no sensitive information is viewed by anyone without agreeing to the self-declaration form. (Before viewing any sensitive information, the viewers were provided with a separate self-declaration screen which had to be agreed upon in order to view the Unpublished price-sensitive information.)

  • Reports such as MIS reports (Management Information System) could be automatically generated in the system in a matter of seconds with zero manual work.

  • Each and every detail were captured in the Risk Hawk tool which was readily available to be viewed with just a single click.

  • The compliance officer or any authorized person could easily monitor and keep track of who shared what information, on which date and to whom the information was being shared with. All of this was stored in the system itself, in the form of audit trials.

Thus, the firm was able to maintain a secure digital database in a centralized system where all data was held encrypted in the database, ensuring out-of-box compliance with data protection regimes.


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