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Vulnerability tracking and management centralized in the Risk Hawk tool!

The InfoSec team of a premier insurance company was facing challenges due to its inefficient vulnerability tracking and management process.

As a large corporation with hundreds of servers and applications, it was challenging for them to track remediation across their IT estate. This caused several problems:

  • There was a lack of coordination between different departments and teams regarding ownership of remediation actions.

  • There was no reliable tracking and dashboarding system in place that senior management, in particular, could access in real-time to understand the overall exposure.

  • Constant emails and phone calls by different departments or teams, asking for information or follow-ups were becoming overwhelming.

  • Information was stored in different systems, therefore searching for any essential information at the right time was a time-consuming process.

  • There was a significant Risk of missing key remedial actions or information as the whole process was carried out manually using excel files.


Flexy comes to the rescue -

  • With automated workflows implemented using Risk HAWK's Flexy module, there was proper coordination between all the teams and departments as the entire process was carried out smoothly in a single centralized system.

  • The dashboards and tracking system allowed team members to learn the status of the entire procedure in seconds.

  • There were no more countless phone calls or emails asking for information or updates, as the latest details were readily available within the Risk Hawk tool. Also, as all the information was available in a centralized Risk Hawk system, it eliminated the need to search for data in different systems and increased the team's productivity by 400%.

  • The process reliability was significantly improved and the risk of missing any significant actions or details was minimized.

Added benefits-

  • Complete automation and tracking of the process, starting from finding of the vulnerability to its remediation.

  • Automated CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) scoring to prioritize each action of all the vulnerabilities.

  • Automated escalations to the respective HOD or manager if a high-priority action is not completed on schedule which resulted in reducing critical vulnerabilities by as much as 58%.

  • Ability to generate summary charts of all the vulnerabilities in the blink of an eye for the senior management to have a quick real-time overview whenever required.

Note: These are just some of the benefits listed above, to know more, click below to contact us for a free demo and get a chance to secure your FREE 10 DAYS TRIAL ACCESS.


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