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Risk Hawk®

The most FLEXIBLE Integrated Risk, Audit & Compliance Management system on the planet. Manage Your Exposures. Control Your Business.

What's worrying you today? 

Risks? Exposures? Regulators? 

Establish Risk Management Culture with Risk Hawk

"Risk Hawk system evolved with us as our Organisation's risk &  compliance management matured" - Chief Risk Officer

Integrated Risk Management system to ACTIVELY manage:

And facilitates linking these to each other.

Risk Hawk layers.png

Available for on-premise deployment as well as a cloud-hosted solution

"Risk Hawk allowed us to easily identify key risks, controls & policies and carry out Risk Based Audits" - Head of Internal Audit

Supports Three Lines of Defence Model

ENSURES FIRST-LINE ADOPTABILITY: Allows DELEGATION and OWNERSHIP of risks, controls and actions to first-line business departments  with super-simple user experience. Helps embed a risk management culture

ENABLES REAL-TIME OVERSIGHT: Risk / Compliance teams & Senior Management can finally get rid of manual chasing and consolidating numerous excel templates

FACILITATES RISK-BASED INTERNAL AUDITS: Risk Hawk allows internal auditors to identify CRITICAL CONTROLS & POLICIES. It allows them to plan, execute and track audit actions' status. Moreover, it also supports audit finding tracking and closure for all types of Audits (internal or external)

"Risk Hawk enables all our Risk, Incidents, Compliance and Audit data to be in a single place with real-time view of our Exposures" - Chairperson of the Board

Why Risk Hawk?

Risk HAWC - user friendly.png

No training needed for most first-line users. Drill-Down Dashboards for Senior Users

Extremely User-Friendly & Intuitive System

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risk HAWC - highly configurable.png

Bespoke views and workflows for company, departments and users. Also, you can configure your own workflows!!

Highly Configurable & FLEXIBLE System

risk hawc - active risk management.png

Active Risk & Compliance Management System

Involve business teams, delegate efficiently, get a real-time view and carry out risk-based audits

risk hawc - fully integrated modules.png

Has everything you need for effective risk, compliance and audit management. Lets you choose how to implement based on your organization's change appetite. Each module can be linked with other modules, as well as third party systems, creating a single data repository. Also has a unique automatic link propagation technology.

Comprehensive yet Modular

riskhawc service.png

Amazingly Responsive Customer Service

Our Customers tell us that they admire how quick we are to answer their queries and action their requests

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"We were able to implement Risk Hawk in a modular way to ensure adoptability" - Head of IT & Operations


ERM Lead, Payments Major

Our manual work has been reduced by 70% after we have shifted from manual to automated risk management 

CRO, Insurance Major

We found Risk Hawk to be  extremely flexible, comprehensive & agile in comparison to other similar offerings in the market

CISO, Healthcare Major

Turnaround time for any change request is often less than 24 hours, which could have been few weeks with other vendors

risk hawk - awards.png
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